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I’m Annelise, an Australian writer living in Texas, USA, with my American husband Jim. Traveling and learning about new cultures and foods has been a passion of mine my whole life, and although my travels are often pretty simple —average even— I love writing about my experiences.

Some of my favourite travel memories have been local adventures in my home city of Brisbane, Australia, others abroad. I believe traveling doesn’t have to be elaborate to be fun and memorable; and you’ll notice many of my posts detail some of the delicious regional eats I encounter along the way.

Texas, here we come!

I haven’t blogged for a couple of months. I’ve done some really cool stuff I wanted to share, but I’m having a new…

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Asleep In Transit

As I sit here and write this, I am waiting for a friend who is in an appointment. I’ve been waiting for three…

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Loving Local

I had planned to spend the month of September in Alaska, but COVID happened, the Australian borders closed, and that took international travel…

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