Ten Ways To Kill Time At The Airport

Who doesn’t love a list? Especially a list that gives you great travel ideas. Well this list is helpful for the start of your vacation as it helps you not only kill the time, but actually enjoy yourself at the airport, whilst waiting for your flight. 

1. Always start at the book shop. Not only can you check out a fantastic range of books, but they have journals, note books, pens, cards, and magazines. Buy something! You’re on vacation so buy something fabulous.

2. Cruise the coffee scene. Work your way around the airport and find a nice little coffee nook. Somewhere that not only serves good coffee, but has a comfortable place for you to sit and sip a latte while flicking through your new magazine. 

3. Eat! Need I say more? Airports have so many great choices of places to eat. Try to choose something local. You can get McDonalds anywhere, so look for something a bit different with fresh, local ingredients. Enjoy a meal in one of the restaurants and order something you wouldn’t normally try. 

4. Have dessert. Even if it’s just a hot donut or a cookie, have dessert. Nothing says vacation like throwing that diet out of the window. Eat something that will make you happy. 

5. Do some souvenir shopping. You don’t have to buy a $50 t-shirt to enjoy souvenir shopping at the airport. Buy a postcard, a pen, or a fridge magnet. It’s all about the memory that postcard will give you every time you see it. 

6. Sit and chat to people who are also waiting. When I’m at an airport in another country, I listen out for Australian accents. When I hear them, I make a beeline to introduce myself and have a chat. It’s amazing how excited to meet you another Australian at Vancouver Airport will be. 

7. People watch. This is always a good one. I try to imagine where people are going and what they may be doing. I create some fantastic scenarios in my head. 

8. Go for a long walk and stretch those legs before your flight. You certainly won’t regret it when those legs are cramping up five hours into your fourteen-hour flight. 

9. Enjoy the moment. It’s not often we have the opportunity to just sit and relax. Life is so busy we forget that it’s actually good for us to be still for a while. 

10. Buy a bunch of postcards and write them to your friends and family. You can post them once you get to your destination and if you’re lucky, they’ll beat you home! 

Published by My Average Travels

I'm Annelise; an Australian writer living in the USA, who loves experiencing new places and things. I'm perpetually on a budget, but despite this I manage to find myself in some incredible places. I'm not about glamour or luxury, but about real life, real experiences, and making real memories. Most of my travel experiences have resulted from plan B's. I write about average moments that have brought me great joy in the midst of the every day.

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