Uncle Bobo’s— Hawaiian BBQ

I’ve always tried to make it a habit when I travel, to eat where the locals eat. Whether it’s food stalls, markets, or hole in the wall eateries, I’m there. However, I am not a fan of food poisoning, so I always check reviews and ask for recommendations, and make a list of where I want to go. Travel Vlogs are also a great place to get local recommendations.

I stayed in an AirBnB house in Ka’a’awa in Hawaii, and as there were not a lot of places around to eat, we took most of our own food. A five minute walk from the house took us to a petrol station, post-office, and a little cafe called Uncle Bobo’s. Very unassuming looking, but the menu looked promising, and very reasonably priced.

Uncle Bobo’s specialises in BBQ, and they make all of their own sauces. I was really hungry, so I ordered a basket of hand cut fries and a huge salad with juicy chicken pieces and their special BBQ sauce. The meal was utterly delicious— the chips are actually made in house, and the salad was just so fresh. There were five of us eating that day, and considering everything is made to order, the wait time was not at all unreasonable. We sat outside at a table in the shade, chatting and admiring the ocean view just across the road. Huge palm trees and the salty air added to the experience. 

There’s nothing really fancy about Uncle Bobo’s, and that’s part of the reason I liked it so much. A few of us returned a few times over the next week, and the meals were just as good each time. There is an authenticity to the little diner that I appreciated. A husband and wife working together, doing something they love, and providing consistently great food at a reasonable price. I had a lot of really great food experiences in Hawaii, but Uncle Bobo’s has stuck with me. In fact, every time I think about my last trip to Hawaii I think of Uncle Bobo’s. The simplicity of great local food, incredible views, and those vacation vibes— what’s not memorable about that?

BBQ Chicken Salad at Uncle Bobo’s

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