Spaghetti in Hong Kong

I had previously travelled to Hong Kong for a few short days, but as I wanted to explore a bit more, I decided to book for two weeks. I stayed at an average priced hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui and arrived at night. After a long, refreshing sleep, I decided to spend my first day exploring. I headed off with a backpack and map, and the moment I hit the street I reeled from the noise and the sheer volume of people. They were everywhere. Cars honking, people pushing past, and so many new sights and sounds I felt momentarily disoriented. 

I crossed the road, which was a terrifying experience in itself, to visit the 7-Eleven store. I needed coffee and supplies, and headed to Nathan Road to do some shopping. I bought all sorts of bits and pieces, including souvenirs, shoes and clothes, and just enjoyed looking around. After hours of walking around carrying bags of goodies, I was pretty hungry. Hong Kong has so much great food, and I was looking forward to having a few Chinese banquets, and trying some of the little eateries and street food— egg waffles, curry fish balls, and the decadent egg tarts of course. But as I headed back towards my hotel, looking for food, what did I stumble across? None other than The Spaghetti House. Needless to say, I love spaghetti, so I was in. 

It probably seems stupid to make a beeline for a pasta restaurant when Hong Kong has so many great places to eat, but I wanted spaghetti, and I was going to have spaghetti! The menu was large, and although I initially planned to have spaghetti bolognaise, I changed my mind when I saw a bowl of spaghetti topped with a chicken schnitzel, Napoli sauce and cheese. Pretty much a spaghetti parmigiana (or spag parmy if you’re Australian). 

That meal started a life long love affair with spaghetti parmigiana, which I have since managed to recreate at home. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the chicken schnitzel topped with the Napoli and cheese was juicy and delicious. I actually couldn’t believe how good the combination was. I wanted to run through the streets waving banners and pom-poms, but instead, I went back at least five times. I still managed to try some fab street food and Chinese banquets, but I must admit, I was so hooked on the spaghetti parmi that even whilst eating other food, my heart was at The Spaghetti House.

Hong Kong lights at night

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