And The Winner Is …

An unexpected sickness delayed my flight home to Brisbane, and saw me staying for six days in Sydney, rather than three. After a few days holed up in my hotel room, I knew it was time to get down to business … cheese tart business.

I am a fan of the Hokkaido Japanese Baked Cheese Tart— so much so that I have blogged about them before. But I also read claims that Uncle Tetsu makes the best baked cheese tarts, so I knew I’d have to find out.

I bought some of the original cheese tarts from Hokkaido in World Square, first. Delicious. I was tempted to try the salted caramel cheese tarts, but then I wouldn’t be able to do a comparison with Uncle Tetsu. The next day I went to Uncle Tetsu’s for morning tea, and alas, they don’t open till midday. I was a little sad about it. However, I had my chance to get there and bought two of the original cheese tarts so I could do my research.

Firstly, there was a queue to get in. That’s always a good sign. Secondly, Uncle Tetsu’s cheese tarts are a bit bigger. The consistency didn’t look much different— similar texture, with a paler colour than Hokkaido, but it was all down to the taste.

The first bite into Uncle Tetsu’s was an explosion of delicious. Creamy, slightly lemony, utterly decadent in every way. It was in my opinion, superior to the Hokkaido cheese tart, and that’s a huge claim considering I really like them both. Now that I’ve had an Uncle Tetsu’s cheese tart I have to say that they will go down as the ultimate cheese tart for me, unless there’s a better one out there …

Uncle Tetsu’s Baked Cheese Tarts
Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts

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