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Cowboys and Hash Browns

The first time I saw a real life American cowboy was in Waffle House, Charlotte, North Carolina. Jim picked me up from the airport after a gruelling night of flying, and I’m pretty sure my first word was, coffee. He drove his pick-up truck into the car park, led me inside my first Waffle House, and we slid into a booth. Ah … so … Read More Cowboys and Hash Browns


Choosing Cheese Tarts

When I flew down to Sydney for a long weekend about four years ago, I discovered a little Japanese cheese tart shop in an arcade in George Street. I’d never tried one before but as I love eggy, sweet, custardy cheese tarts, I bought one. It was luscious. Unfortunately I was on my way to the airport and had a mountain of bags and … Read More Choosing Cheese Tarts


Let’s talk about toilets

Some people find it offensive to talk about toilets, but I’m not one of them. In fact, I think it’s important to talk about them and to have an understanding of toilets and toiletting habits around the world. As a traveller I like to be prepared, and in some countries you truly need to be prepared before nature calls. We generally don’t think too … Read More Let’s talk about toilets