I’m Dreaming Of Buc-ee’s

Before I moved to the USA, I heard of this mystical place which originated in Texas, called Buc-ee’s. What is Buc-ee’s you may ask? Quite simply, it’s the largest gas station and convenience store in the whole universe. Well, maybe not the universe, but it’s very impressive, and Buc-ee’s has broken a number of worldContinue reading “I’m Dreaming Of Buc-ee’s”

Guy Fieri, Queso, And A River Of Tears

I love travel vlogs and food shows. Travel vlogs with food are even better. One of my favourite food shows is Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives. Guy’s excitement for food makes me happy, as I love food too. Don’t we all? My favourite episodes of DDD is when Guy’s son is with him, asContinue reading “Guy Fieri, Queso, And A River Of Tears”

Mrs American Pie

When I left Australia to move to the US, it was in a flood of tears and with heart-wrenching separation anxiety. As the plane took off I wept, my hand pressed up against the small window, wondering if I would ever return to my home again. I could think of nothing but what I wasContinue reading “Mrs American Pie”

The Sweetest Tea

Before immigrating to the US and moving to the South, my Australian friends would ask if I was looking forward to trying sweet tea. Sweet Tea? How disgusting, I’d say. You don’t put sugar in tea, and drink it cold — you drink it as the Queen of England would — hot, and milky. Honestly,Continue reading “The Sweetest Tea”

Asleep In Transit

As I sit here and write this, I am waiting for a friend who is in an appointment. I’ve been waiting for three hours and I’m in need of a snooze. I don’t mind the wait— I’ve become good at it.  I’m reminded of all the hours I’ve waited for a connecting flight. Sometimes forContinue reading “Asleep In Transit”

Uncle Bobo’s— Hawaiian BBQ

I’ve always tried to make it a habit when I travel, to eat where the locals eat. Whether it’s food stalls, markets, or hole in the wall eateries, I’m there. However, I am not a fan of food poisoning, so I always check reviews and ask for recommendations, and make a list of where IContinue reading “Uncle Bobo’s— Hawaiian BBQ”